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The Gallic Wars Pt 1 - The Helvetii 3
By Mary Harrsch

  1. 59 BCE

    Caesar forms the first triumvirate

    "Planning to run for consul, Julius Caesar forms a triumvirate with Marcus Crassus and Gnaeus Pompey. With their help, Caesar wins the consulship but incurs massive debts."

  2. 59 BCE

    Lex Vatinia passes

    "Lex Vatinia passes giving Caesar the governorship of Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum for five years."

  3. 59 BCE

    Governor of Transalpine Gaul dies

    "Governor of Transalpine Gaul, Metellus Celer, dies unexpectedly, so this province was also awarded to Caesar."

  4. 59 BCE

    Caesar commands four legions

    "Caesar had initially four veteran legions under his direct command: Legio VII, Legio VIII, Legio IX Hispana, and Legio X."

  5. 58 BCE

    Helvetti begin migration south under Orgetorix

    "The Helvetii, a confederation of about five related Gallic tribes that lived on the Swiss plateau, begin to come under increased pressure from German tribes to the north and east."

  6. 58 BCE

    The Helvetti negotiate alliances with the Sequani and the Aedui

    "Orgetorix made an alliance with the Sequani chieftain Casticus and arranged the marriage of his daughter to an Aedui chieftain, Dumnorix. The three secretly planned to become kings of their respective tribes, and masters of the whole of Gaul."

  7. 58 BCE

    Orgetorix dies under suspicious circumstances


  8. 58 BCE

    Caesar levies auxiliary troops and destroys Rhone Bridge


  9. 58 BCE

    Helvetii attempt to negotiate a peaceful passage


  10. 58 BCE

    Caesar fortifies his position and refuses passage request.


  11. 58 BCE

    Helvetii attempt to negotiate an alternate route with Dumnorix


  12. 58 BCE

    Caesar rides to Aquileia to enroll two new legions - Legios XI and XII


  13. 58 BCE

    Helvetii begin pillaging the lands of the Aedui, Ambarri, and Allobroges


  14. 58 BCE

    Caesar with three legions surprises and defeats the Tigurine (Helvetti tribe) at the Battle of the Arar (Saône) River


  15. 58 BCE

    Romans build bridge over the Saône to pursue Helvetii. Divico is sent to negotiate.


  16. 58 BCE

    Helvetti begin to pursue the Romans towards Bibracte


  17. 58 BCE

    Caesar wins the Battle of Bibracte and captures the son and daughter of Orgetorix


  18. 58 BCE

    6000 Verbigeni refuse to surrender and are captured and executed


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