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Football World Cups 4
By Arthur Lacaine

  1. 1930

    The beginning: Uruguay - Montevideo

    "The first World Cup was organized by Jules Rimet in Uruguay. With only 13 teams (4 European countries) the competition ends on an epic final between the Argentine and Uruguayan rivals. Leading 2-1 at half time Argentina then conceaded 3 goals leaving Uruguay the undisputed winner at home. "

  2. 1934

    The troubled competition - Italy

    "32 teams played this edition, except Uruguay the 1930 winner. Giuseppe Meazza the Italian star scored in quarter and semi-finals. In a very tight final against Tchecoslovakia Italy won thanks to an extra-time goal by Angelo Schiavo. Contreversy sparked over Mussolini’s shadow on the competition"

  3. 1938

    The first back to back winner - France

    "The final round gathered 15 teams. Spain and Austria were absent because of political reasons. Brasil and Hungaria show remarquable technicality and attacking skills. Respectively defeated by Italy in semi-final and final both teams were not strong enough to counter the Italian realism and teamplay"

  4. 1950

    Back to business - Brasil

    "Brasil is on fire at home scoring 13 goals in two games rushing to the decisive game (no final but a mini championship) where Brasil only needed a draw against Uruguay. The Marcana built for the occasion is packed with over 200,000 supporters! Despite a one goal lead Brasil will lose 2-1 to Uruguay."

  5. 1954

    Wunder von Bern - Switzerland

    "Puskas and the magic magyars were favorite for this world cup. Domintating their opponents techinacally and phisically the Hugarians managed an early lead 2-0 against diminished German in final. But the Germans will start their history in World with a 3-3 win on the line."

  6. 1958

    And there was Pelé - Sweden

    "World cup of the legends. The only world cup missed by Italy sees Brasil and king Pelé be the first and last non European team to win on Europea soil. The French striker Fontaine scores 13 goals and is still to date the best striker in one single competition"

  7. 1962

    Brasil x 2

    "This World Cup in Chile is seen as an intense and brutal edition symbolised by the semi-final Italy-Chili coined the “Battle of Santiago” and Pelé’s early injury. But Brasil is no nation of single talent and Vava, Garrincha, Armadilo Zagalo and other will secure a back to back victory by Brasil"

  8. 1966

    And here comes Hurst! - England

    "Sir Bobby Charlton won in his own country and Jeff Hurst will remain as the ever disputed, and only, hat-trick goal scorer during a final. To date, no one really knows if the ball crossed the line! Meanwhile, Eusebio, the portuguese Black Panther, explodes his talent to the world"

  9. 1970

    The dream team - Mexico

    "Led by King Pelé the Brasilian dream team easily defeats Italy, heroic winner over FRGermany in semi-final, for the win. This world-cup is remarkable as it is the first one allowing substitutions, the use of red and yellow cards, live colour broadcasts, and Brasil will keep the Jules Rimet cup"

  10. 1974

    Football total - West Germany

    "This edition saw the only face-off between the two Germany’s. Led by Kaizer Franck Beckenbauer, who redefined the role of sweeper, West Germay dominated Rinus Michel’s squad and their captain: Johan Cruyff. Despite losing the final the flying dutchman redifing the game with his football total"

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