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Stephen Hawking 3
By Jonathan Pinet

  1. 1 August, 1942


    "Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford."

  2. 1959

    Undergraduate at Oxford

    "At 17 years old, Hawking begins to study physics at Oxford."

  3. 1962

    First-Class Honors

    "Hawking gains first-class honors in natural science at Oxford and begins graduate work at Cambridge. "

  4. 1963

    Meets Jane Wilde

    "Hawking meets his future wife, Jane Wilde, at a party."

  5. 1963


    "Before his 21st birthday, Hawking is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a rare disease affecting movement and speech. His doctors told him he had no more than 2 years to live."

  6. 1965

    First marriage

    "Hawking marries Jane Wilde. They had 3 children together."

  7. 1965


    "Hawking writes his thesis on applying Roger Penrose’s theory of space-time singularity."

  8. 1966


    "Hawking completes doctorate and is awarded a fellowship at Cambridge."

  9. 1969


    "Hawking’s health worsens and he eventually needs to use a wheelchair."

  10. 1985


    "Loses ability to speak for himself and begins using a machine to talk for him."

  11. 1988

    A Brief History of Time

    "Publishes A Brief History of Time, a best-seller with more than 10 million copies sold."

  12. 1993

    Star Trek Apparition

    "Appears in Star Trek as himself."

  13. 1995

    Second Marriage

    "Marries his second wife Elaine Mason"

  14. 2014

    Concerns about AI

    "Hawking shares concerns about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity."

  15. 14 March, 2018


    "Dies at age 76."

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