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The Nazka lines discovery 5

  1. 1927

    Toribio Mejia Xespe shows intrest in the lines

    "He was a Peruvian doctor/anthropologist, who was the first scientist to show interest in the Nazca lines. He discovered the line while hiking in the area."

  2. 1940

    Maria Reiche “Lady of the Lines”

    "Maria study the lines beginning in 1940 and spent 40 to 50 years of her life continuing to study, and protect the lines. She was buried in the desert with the lines, after her death in 1998."

  3. June 22, 1941

    Paul Kosok discovers lines are in direct alignment with the sunset.

    "One day after the winter solstice, Paul Kosok discovers that as the sun is setting some of the lines are in direct alignment with it."

  4. 1973

    Astronomical orientation discovered

    "Dr Gerald Hawkins performs a study with the aid of the computer program, and realizes that 20% of the lines have astronomical orientation."

  5. 1994

    UNESCO declared the Nazca Lines a World Heritage site

    "“The geoglyphs depict living creatures, stylized plants and imaginary beings, as well as geometric figures several kilometres long. They are believed to have had ritual astronomical functions.”"

  6. 2006

    Discovery of new lines

    "A small Japanese team from Yagmagata Unive rsity began studying the lines and 2006, and has discovered 100’s of new lines in the 6 years since then."

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