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The Birth of Internet 2
By Gabriel Pimont-Nogues

  1. 1958

    Binary Data

    "Bell Labs create the first modem to transmit binary data over a single telephone line."

  2. 1962

    ARPA Agency

    "Beginning of research by ARPA, an agency of the US Department of Defense, where J.C.R. Licklider successfully defends his ideas for a global network of computers."

  3. 1967


    "First conference on ARPANET."

  4. 1971

    The 1st Email

    "23 computers are connected to ARPANET, the first email is sent by Ray Tomlinson."

  5. 1979


    "Creation of NewsGroups (Usenet discussion forums) by American students."

  6. 1983


    "Adoption of the TCP / IP protocol and the word “Internet”."

  7. 1984

    The 1st Thousand

    "1,000 connected computers."

  8. 1990


    "Disappearance of ARPANET and public announcement of World Wide Web."

  9. 1992

    The 1st Million

    "1,000,000 connected computers."

  10. 1993


    "Appearance of the NCSA Mosaic Web Browser."

  11. 2000

    The Bubble

    "Explosion of the Internet bubble : 368,540,000 computers connected."

  12. 2014

    The 1st Billion

    "1,000,000,000 connected computers."

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