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Eddie Aikau 5
By Antoine Rapoport

  1. 1946


    "Eddie Aikau was born in Kahului on the island of Maui, Hawaï."

  2. 1950

    Early years

    "A descendant of the high priest of King Kamehameha I, Eddie Aikau learnt to surf on the shorebreak of Kahului."

  3. 1959

    Moving to Oahu

    "He and his family moved to Oahu, another island of Hawaï, which will later be known worldwide for high quality surf spots such as Pipeline, Sunset beach or Waimea bay."

  4. 1968

    The first lifeguard of the North Shore

    "He was the first lifeguard hired by the city and county of Honolulu to work on the North Shore of Oahu, home of best and therefore most dangerous surf spots of Hawaï. "

  5. 1971

    Lifeguard of the year

    "He was named lifeguard of the year. Responsible for people’s safety, not one life was lost during his service at Waimea Bay, even though waves can reach up to 9 meters. He was then known for rescuing people in waves where no one else would dare to go. A saying was born : Eddie would go."

  6. 1978

    Lost at sea

    "While on a journey between Hawaian and Tahitian island, his boat, with crew members capsized in the ocean. In an attempt to save the crew, he paddled, without a life jacket, to go faster, towards the closest island. The crew was later rescued, but Eddie’s body was never found."

  7. 1980

    Growing legend

    "The legend of Eddie Aikau, the lifeguard who was to endanger his own life to save others spread. No matter the danger, “Eddie would go”, so that saying lived on, in the name of his courage."

  8. 1987

    The memorial surfing invitational in Memory of Eddie Aikau

    "A surfing competition was created in honor of Eddie, on the spot of Waimea Bay. The tournament, nonetheless can only happen if waves go up to at least 30 feet (9 meters). The tournament, called the Eddie Aikau, has therefore been called only nine times since its creation."

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