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Evolution of make-up 3
By Thérèse Malzac

  1. 30,000 years ago

    Make-up apparition

    "Apparently, the first “make-up” appeared in prehistoric time. Indeed, according to certain frescos, prehistoric men practiced body painting composed of plants and crushed earth, but this remains very vague."

  2. 5000 BC

    The beginnings

    "According to accessories found to product make-up, and according to the Hebrew Bible, people used to use ointments, fragrant fatty substances as cosmetic at that time."

  3. 3000 BC

    Make-up essentials

    "Creation of lipsticks, henna and kohl in Egypt, above all for priests and rites during ceremonies; Then the women after some time."

  4. 1200 BC

    The make-up used by a minority

    "The make-up arrived in Greece from the exchange of spices, and was only used by the courtesans and the inverted persons, and was a sign of impurity, known as “the devil’s weapon”."

  5. 300 BC

    Evolution of makeup in Greece

    "Some women in Greece used whitewash, but only in their houses. Some women also used make-up for hygienic purposes, to protect themselves against infection... but also from bad luck!"

  6. 1rst century

    Tribal make-up

    "Many ethnic groups in Africa, such as Congo, Ethiopia and Madagascar used to color their faces by no-acceptance of skin color. Nowaday, many tribes continue this practice."

  7. 12th century

    Arrival in Europe in the Middle Ages

    "Thanks to the Crusades, the make-up arrived in Europe. Initially, it included foundation and hair coloring and was only restricted to nobles,"

  8. From the 13th century

    The Renaissance

    "The ideal of feminine beauty consisted in having the complexion diaphan by powdering itself with white lead and red ocher, And applying red make-up: the nails cheeks and the lip with the cochineal, the venetian blonde hair with a mixture Saffron, lemon and sun."

  9. 17th to 18th century

    The Sun King

    "It is from this period that the make-up spreads to all the different social classes, with a special use of red. It was known too be used too much, even for the night, before going to bed."

  10. 19th century


    "Back to simplicity, for hygiene matters first, and also because the use of toxic material was increasing awareness in the public opinion. During this century, the only perons who used to wear make-up were marginal people."

  11. 20th century


    "Progress through biological and health research. Arrival of surfactants and preservatives for makeup, limiting contamination and other diseases. Make-up becomes unigen for women"

  12. 21th century

    Modern make-up

    "Arrival of new technologies: regulated and more secure make-up, and one of the most dynamic markets today. Today makeup is used to idealize woman, seduce, and will probably return to the multigene soon."

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