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History of Playmobil 4
By Jonathan Pinet

  1. 1973

    First oil crisis

    "In October 1973, the members of the OPEC proclaimed an oil embargo tagerting countries supporting Israel during the Yom Kippur War. By March 1974, the price of an oil barrel had quadrupled, which created a global shock in the global politics and economical arena."

  2. 1974

    Birth of Playmobil

    "The company geobra Brandstätter was manufacturing plastic toys. Because of the oil crisis, plastic had become suddenly very expensive, and the company asked its chief designer Hans Beck, “the father of Playmobil”, to develop toys that used less plastic: so was born the Playmobil."

  3. 1974

    Factory in Malta

    "The company decided to manufacture Playmobils on the island of Malta, where labour costs were cheaper. They started with only 3 characters: a construction worker, a knight and an American Indian."

  4. 1975

    Playmobil’s world conquest

    "After an initial introduction to the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg the previous year, a Dutch firm agreed to buy a whole year’s production and Playmob il began to be sold worldwide in 1975."

  5. 1998

    Hans Beck’s retirement

    "Hans Beck retired in 1998, after training a group of product designers to take his place. “Playmobil is a toy that doesn’t impose specific play patterns on children, but rather stimulates their imagination” he said."

  6. 2014

    40 years anniversary

    "40 years after Playmobil’s birth, 3,995 new designs have emerged from the factory and a total of 2.7 billion figurines have reached children’s houses."

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